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USBC Court Authorized
What is an Official Notice Provider?
Put simply, an Official Notice Provider is one that is authorized by the United States Bankruptcy Court to provide notices related to bankruptcy proceedings.

For example, the Court send out 341 notices from the Bankruptcy Noticing Center. BNC is an authorized provider that contracts exclusively with the Bankruptcy Court.

There are other Authorized Notice Providers as well, companies such as Epiq systems will handle large volume Chapter 11 cases.

BK Attorney Services, LLC, the parent company of www.certificateofservice.com is also an authorized notice provider.

We're the only company that handles small volume jobs such as Notices of Final Report, Chapter 13 Plan Amendments, and other notices that the typical consumer attorney or panel trustee has to address. Of course, we also handle large scale mailings as well. Whether it be a large corporate Chapter 11 or a class action notice mailing, we handle it all.

There are other Bankruptcy Mail Providers out there, but none of them are recognized by the Court system.
Why should I use a Court Recognized Provider?
Because then the service is beyond reproach. No other party is going to question the validity of the service. We know this because our service was once challenged. One of our great customers pointed out to the Court that we were an authorized notice provider and the challenge was immediately dropped.
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With other services who are not authorized notice providers, you run the risk of having your third party service of documents challenged. Your case is too important to risk.
How do I know you are a Court Authorized Provider?
The Bankruptcy Court publishes a list of authorized providers. You can click on the link below to see all of them. We are at the top.
Click here to see the list of Authorized Notice Providers!
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