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Should I use this service?
Please review the below case study.
Let us take an average job. You are uploading a Notice, Motion, and Proposed Order to Approve a Chapter 13 plan along with the Chapter 13 plan. On ECF you have to upload a file for the Hearing Notice, a file for the motion, a file for the proposed order, and a file for the Chapter 13 plan. 4 different pdf files are uploaded to ECF. Lets begin the mailing process.

(1) Download the matrix. The matrix comes in a preformatted layout for Avery 5160 labels. The labels are printed for 45 creditors. Time spent - 7 minutes.

(2) Now you need to print the envelopes. Hopefully you have some envelopes with your return address already printed on them. Let's assume you do, that will save some time. Affix the labels to the envelope. Time 6 minutes.

(3) Envelopes laid out, now you need to print the documents to put into the envelopes. Let's assume you're really efficient so you combine all the pdf files into one document and print it 45 times. The notice is one page, the motion is one page, the proposed order is one page. The plan is six pages. Total pages printed - 9 pages.
Your printer? Not that fast - At 15 ppm that is still 27 minutes of time before all the docs are ready. Let's add in another 5 minutes for your file prep for printing. 32 minutes.

(4) Documents printed, envelopes labeled, now comes the fun part. Stuff the envelopes. First fold into thirds and stuff. This is really slow. Personally, I hate this part. It takes the most time. And it's boring! Further, you're trying to talk on the phone while stuffing envelopes and your attention is diverted. Did you stuff two in there? Time spent stuffing - 23 minutes.

(5) Seal the envelopes. Normally, I would have included this in step 4, but it is its own unique and tasty experience. Better get a drink of water - time spent sealing - 2 minutes.

(6) Affix postage - got a meter? Easy, it will take you about a minute. If not, then spend another 4 minutes putting stamps on the envelopes. At least we don't have to lick them anymore. Time spent 5 minutes.

(7) Go to the post office - OK - if you got this done early in the morning, you probably can just put it in your outbox, but if later in the day, then you are making a trip to get it in the mail NOW. 20 minutes time to get to the post office and back.

Total time spent: 95 minutes. Let's say you are really efficient, you can probably get that down to 75 minutes. Is that worth it?

You pay your staff minimum $15.00 per hour. $15.00 x 1.5 = $22.50 Remember you are paying taxes on that payroll amount so it probably costs you around $25.00 for staff time. During that time, they were not answering phones and you weren't able to set any more appointments.

Imagine if they had set 3 appointments during that hour. Or worked on a motion at a billable rate of $125.00 per hour. 1.5 x $125.00 = $187.50 you could have realized in billable hours. Now couple that with the idea that you get to charge your Chapter 13 client for costs and it becomes a no brainer. You should be using COS.com. Make your staff more productive and you have a clear receipt and costs to include in your fee application.
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