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We push the envelope. . .
www.certificateofservice.com is the premiere service for debtor attorneys and trustees who need to provide notice to the creditors list and master mailing matrix of pleadings, filings, and other notices that occur in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Originally designed by a bankruptcy attorney, www.certificateofservice.com has grown over the past several years to become a major bankruptcy mailout service provider. We handle everything from a Trustee's Notice of Final Report, to an Amended Chapter 13 Plan, to Chapter 11 Plans, Ballots, and Disclosure Statements. Our jobs range mailing an adversary summons and complaint to a creditor up to mailing out the Chapter 11 plan and ballots to 4500 creditors on the mailing matrix. No job is too big or too small. From small firms who are short on staff, to large firms who want to maximize the productivity of their employees, www.certificateofservice.com fills a distinct niche for law firms who are required to provide notice to a matrix.

What is COS?
What is Certificate of Service.com?
Hi Speed Turn Around
We have a goal to get every job that is uploaded to us by noon pacific time out in the mail that day. So if you upload a project at 11:45 a.m., we will have it in the mail before the day is out.

Increase your productivity:
Many law practitioners ask the question when they first learn about cos.com - "Why not just have my paralegal stuff the envelopes like they usually do?"

Quite frankly, stuffing envelopes is not the best use of your employee time. In order to send out a mailing, your staff has to combine all the various aspects of the file, download the matrix, print the matrix to Avery Labels, combine the multiple documents into one file for printing, print the file, collate the documents for stuffing, fold the documents, stuff the envelopes, seal the envelopes, and deliver to the post office. Do 2 or 3 motions a day and you have a staff spending much of their time stuffing envelopes instead of doing items that can generate more business.

Consider this, if you aren't doing work that can generate income (i.e. the billable hour) you aren't doing your work effectively. How many days have you worked from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. with only 1 billable hour? The same is true for your staff. When they work, they should be doing work that generates you income, not cost you money.

When your staff is picking up the phone, setting appointments and bringing in clients, they are making you money. When they do work you can bill for, you are making money. Stuffing envelopes is an administrative task no subjtect to a billable hourly rate of $125 for a paralegal or $300 for an attorney. At best you can bill $10.00 an hour for doing secretarial and administrative duties. This is not generating you income.

Enter COS.com. In less than 60 seconds you can have a job uploaded to our offices for mailing. Now your staff is on the phone setting appointments, returning phone calls, overseeing petitions, and generating revenue for your office.

This is why COS.com is a absolutely necessary service for every bankruptcy law firm in the nation. We save you time, effort, and allow you to increase your office productivity.

We're an Authorized Notice Provider
We are officially recognized by the United States Bankruptcy Court system as a notice provider. This means that our service is authorized by the Courts. No one is going to question whether the service was legitimate or not.

You can click on the link below to see our listing on the USBC Administrator's website.

Click here to see our listing on the USBC Website!

Why use COS?
Your time and your staff's time is valuable. It costs money to print, stuff and mail your legal pleadings. Now there is a service that can handle it all for you with a few simple clicks of a mouse!

Designed to be as simple as filing on ECF, certificateofservice.com simplifies the process of printing, stuffing, and mailing your documents to a 30 second exercise.

We'll generate the pdf proof of service document for you showing that you have mailed your motion or notice to the parties on the master mailing matrix. We even get the matrix for you, so you don't have to.

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